The CCES recognizes the tremendous potential of sport to teach values. To ensure that the values sport teaches are the ones that we as a sport community, and more generally as a society want, we must constantly monitor and examine what is going on in sport at all levels.

From time to time, we publish discussion papers exploring current incidents and issues in sport. We also commission public opinion research to help us better understand how Canadians view important ethical issues involving sport. The purpose is to identify the values being taught and lessons learned and to stimulate and engage the sport community and Canadians in a discussion and clarification of their impact and root causes. We welcome your thoughts and feedback.


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Between November 7 and 10, 2009, Nanos Research conducted a random telephone survey of 1,005 Canadians 18 years and older. The CCES would like to thank Nanos Research for permission to publish this survey.

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(July 2005) The Strategic Counsel presents the findings from a survey of Canadians on values in sport. [1 MB PDF]