Canadian Sport Sanction Registry

A. Anti-Doping Rule Violations under the Canadian Anti-Doping Program

In accordance with Canadian Anti-Doping Program (CADP) Rule 10.14, sport organizations that have adopted the CADP are responsible for ensuring these individuals are ineligible to participate or compete within the Canadian sport system.

Name Sex Sport Violation Ineligibility
Media Decision
Aubut, André M Cycling Administration EPO life media decision
Badra, Mickaël M U SPORTS Football Presence: D-amphetamine Ends January 29, 2024 media decision
Bains, Jasonpreet M U SPORTS Wrestling Presence:
Ends April 2, 2024 media decision
Binet, Israel M Bodybuilding Presence:
Branton, Kelly M Powerlifting Presence:
SARM LGD-4033,
SARM S-22,
stanozolol and ibutamoren
Ends May 23, 2023 media decision
Burgmaier, Donovan M Football Use: dehydrochlor- methyltestosterone Ends January 25, 2025 media decision
Doucette, Greg M Cycling Refusal Ends October 1, 2026 media.png decision.png
Duquette, Maurice M Cycling Administration: EPO life media n/a
Fischer, Logan M U SPORTS Football Presence: drostanolone Ends November 18, 2023 media decision
Freake, David M Athletics Presence: GW501516, 2,4-dinitrophenol, recombinant EPO, ephedrine Ends October 10, 2023 media decision
Fuss, Duane M Bodybuilding Presence: nandrolone, testosterone
Presence: stanozolol
Gagnon-Maltais, Darren M Powerlifting Presence and use: SARM LGD-4033 Ends
September 11, 2025
media decision
Geier, Alisha F U SPORTS Rugby Presence: Cathine Ends
March 31, 2022
media decision
Hamilton, Matt M Para Snowboard Presence: GW501516 Ends
April 7, 2024
media decision
Harmer, Rob M Junior Football Presence: boldenone, testosterone
Johnson, Ben M Athletics Presence: testosterone
Presence: hydrochlorothiazide
Katsantonis, Stavros M U SPORTS Football Presence: SARM LGD-4033 Ends May 1, 2023 media decision
Lauzon, Marc-André M Cheer Presence: GW501516 Ends January 28, 2024 media decision
Lee, Malcom M U SPORTS Football Presence: SARM LGD-4033 Ends March 21, 2023 media decision
Marcil, Phillipe M Powerlifting Presence and use: Tamoxifen Ends October 3, 2023 media decision
Molnar, Steve M Bobsleigh Presence: stanozolol
Presence: cannabis,
methandienone, oxymetholone
life media decision
Naugler, David M Bodybuilding Presence: ephedrine,
nandrolone, clenbuterol,
boldenone, stanozolol
Pierre, Jean-Joel M Bodybuilding Presence: stanozolol life   n/a
Pietrzyk, Jessica F Powerlifting Presence: methandienone and methylphenidate Ends April 3, 2026 media decision
Plug, Derek M Bobsleigh Presence: methyltestosterone Ends February 7, 2026 media decision
Pointing, David M Powerlifting Presence: GW501516 Ends April 23, 2026 media decision
Robert, Gérard Louis M Cycling Presence: testosterone Ends October 10, 2024 media decision
Sheppard, Cody M Powerlifting Presence: GW501516 Ends April 3, 2025 media decision
Simpson, Keenan M Canoe Kayak Whereabouts failures Ends January 11, 2024 media decision
Stevens, Alexis M U SPORTS Soccer Presence: GW501516 Ends November 17, 2024 media decision
Stodalka, Alexandra F Powerlifting Presence: SARM S-22 Ends July 11, 2022 media decision
Troeung, David M Powerlifting Presence: ephedrine Ends August 18, 2022 media decision
Walchuk, Michael M Boxing Presence: cocaine

B. Anti-Doping Rule Violations reported under other World Anti-Doping Code compliant programs

The following violations involving Canadian athletes and other persons were reported to the CCES by other organizations that have adopted the World Anti-Doping Code. For any additional information on these violations, please contact the organization itself.

Name Sex Sport Organization Violation Ineligibility
Richardsson, Miles M Football Anti-Doping Sweden Presence: 5-methylhexan-2-amine (1,4-dimethylpentylamine) Ends November 15, 2023

C. Significant Conditions Associated with Doping Decisions

Name Conditions Media Decision
Chevrier, Eric Eric Chevrier was subject to a life ban imposed by the Doping Tribunal. His reinstatement application was granted in 2010 subject to the express condition that the reinstatement only applied to his role as an athlete. Accordingly, Eric Chevrier remains ineligible to coach and must not perform any function as an Athlete Support Personnel. media decision

D. Anti-Doping Rule Violations reported by other organizations, not subject to the World Anti-Doping Code

The sanctions listed below were determined under the specific anti-doping rules of the relevant organization and not the CADP. For any additional information on these violations, please contact the organization itself.

Name Sex Sport Organization Violation Ineligibility
Atwal, Preetpal M Powerlifting CPU Presence: trenbolone life
Dauncey, Peter M Powerlifting CPU Refusal life
Devries, Ken M Powerlifting CPU Refusal life
Foster, Peter M Powerlifting CPU Presence: methandienone life
Graham, Vince M Powerlifting CPU Presence: stanozalol life
Jeddore, Misel M Powerlifting CPU Refusal life
Robson, Ryan M Powerlifting CPU Refusal life
Rozendal, Kyle M Powerlifting CPU Refusal life