Risk Management Workshops

Canadian sport organizations seeking to manage organizational risks that hinder corporate operations and jeopardize athlete resources are invited to apply for a Risk Management Workshop.

Since 2007, the CCES has been offering a two-day workshop as part of the national Risk Management Project, which aims to enhance the effectiveness of decision-making among sport leaders. The project is a multi-year collaboration with Sport Law. Based on the ISO standard of Risk Management, the material has been refined for the Canadian sport landscape. The project design benefits from a consistent, sport-specific, and integrated risk management process. Since its inception, more than 60 sport organizations have participated in a workshop.

The Workshop

  • Identify, plan for, and manage the risks that prevent sport organizations from achieving their objectives using their strategic documents as a foundation for the process.
  • Scan the environment using a proven and recognized ISO guideline, Australian/New Zealand risk management model designed by experts and modified to reflect the reality of the Canadian sport community.
  • Provide staff and key volunteers with an in-depth learning experience, facilitated by experienced sport consultants.
  • Produce a risk registry that identifies and ranks current risks, captures current strategies, and uncovers potential additional solutions. Many NSOs/MSOs have since implemented these solutions as part of their reporting framework to funding partners.
  • Develop a customized risk management program in one comprehensive document that connects the risk registry, the risk management policy, and the processes and tools used to manage risk.

Terms of Participation

Interested NSOs and MSOs are invited to apply to participate in a Risk Management Workshop. These are the terms of participation:

  • Workshops are facilitated by Sport Law and managed by the CCES, which includes the organization of workshop details and provision of materials.
  • CCES covers the cost of facilitation with funding provided by Sport Canada.
  • NSO/MSO is responsible for logistical costs including: meeting room expenses, travel, and accommodation for participants and facilitators.
  • The CEO or Executive Director is expected to participate and is required to identify additional four to seven participants.
  • Workshops must occur between June and the end of March of the project year.
  • Participants must agree to share the outcomes of the workshop (risks and solutions identified, common practices, etc.) so future workshop participants may benefit from these experiences. Sharing promising practices and approaches has been a hallmark of the Risk Management Project and has resulted in some important joint initiatives among participating organizations.

Application Process and Timeline

  • Organizations are selected based on need, state of readiness to implement risk management, and support for values-based sport. The workshop will be held at a mutually agreed time within the project timelines.
  • The sport organization will provide a copy of relevant strategic planning materials to enhance participant knowledge. This may include strategic plans, business plans, LTAD plans, etc.
  • The ED/CEO (or his/her designate) will work with Sport Law and the CCES prior to the workshop to coordinate logistics and distribution of materials.

To learn more about CCES risk management programs, please contact [email protected].

“The [Risk Management Workshop] Research Project clearly demonstrates the impact upon NSO performance and broader levels of change within the NSO sector. The future of Canadian sport depends greatly upon ongoing organizational development of NSOs, including training and development of its leaders.”
- Julie Stevens, PhD (Brock University) & Patti Millar, PhD (Western University)