The CCES Completes Team Canada Testing Prior to Beijing 2022 Paralympics

Ottawa – March 3, 2022 – The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) has completed its pre-Games testing program for the 2022 Beijing Paralympic Games. This achievement marks the second successful round of pre-Games testing this year, all while managing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The CCES implemented a comprehensive pre-Games testing program to meet our commitment to the Canadian Paralympic Committee and to the athletes who will represent Canada in Beijing,” said Paul Melia, President and CEO of the CCES. “Our testing program was based on intelligence and incorporated a thorough sport-specific risk assessment, so that Canadians can be confident athletes wearing the Maple Leaf will be competing clean.”

In addition to testing, all athletes who were nominated to represent Canada at the Paralympic Games were provided with anti-doping information, resources and education, including the CCES's True Sport Clean online learning course that helps athletes understand their rights and responsibilities in the doping control context.

“These robust pre-Games testing and education programs are important measures that will protect athletes’ rights to clean, fair competition at the Beijing Paralympic Games. Thank you to the Canadian and international partners who helped make this program a success,” said Mr. Melia. “I hope the Beijing Paralympic Games are a safe, healthy, and rewarding experience for everyone.”

The CCES encourages all athletes and support personnel to embrace True Sport as a reminder of the good sport Canadians believe in. True Sport is an approach to values-based sport that is underpinned by the seven True Sport Principles and is dedicated to the notion that good sport can make a great difference.

About the CCES

The CCES is an independent, national, not-for profit organization with a responsibility to administer the Canadian Anti-Doping Program. We recognize that true sport can make a great difference for individuals, communities and our country. The CCES acknowledges funding, in part, from the Government of Canada. We are committed to making sport better by working collaboratively to activate a values-based sport system, protecting the integrity of sport from the negative forces of doping and other unethical threats, and advocating for sport that is fair, safe and open to everyone.

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