Marque PCA

The logo Programme Canadien Antidopageof the Canadian Anti-Doping Program can be used by all adoptees that would like to publicize their support of anti-doping in their sport.

You can download the logo in a variety of versions -- each file is formatted and sized for a specific purpose. If you don't see a version that suits your purposes here, please contact us at [email protected]

In general, the logo is:

  • Bilingual:
    • Both English and French program names are integral to the logo
    • There is no unilingual version
  • One-colour:
    • PMS 484C, CMYK (C=8 M=92 Y=100 K=33), RGB (R=154 G=51 B=36), HTML (9A3324)
    • Available in black for greyscale uses
    • Available in reverse for applications on a dark background

The logo should be used consistently to maintain its integrity:

  • Minimum size 0.5" for printed use, 75 pixels for screen use
  • Maintain an area of clear space around all sides of the logo equivalent to half its height

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