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Start the Club Excellence e-learning course

This course is designed to help your club meet the Club Excellence Level 1 standards for sport delivery and sport management.

This tool will help your club identify the areas of operation in which you are doing well, and those where some additional focus is required as you work to build your clubs capacity.

Your first step will be to complete the Gap Analysis Tool, or GAT. When you complete the GAT, your club will be given a score based on how well your club is operating according to the Club Excellence Level 1 Standards. You will then receive a brief orientation to the course. As you go through each module, you will receive additional information about each standard, templates to help you complete your application and examples of submissions from other clubs.

Be advised that this course uses your web browser to save your progress. Not all browsers save data the same way; if you leave the course, your progress may be lost.


Read the Club Excellence Facilitator's Guide

How to Guide: Level 1 breaks down the Level 1 standards into manageable modules, helping clubs to organize and focus their work as they aim to achieve the Level 1 standards. With each module, facilitators will find simple and clear descriptions for evidences that could be submitted to satisfy the related standard. Where appropriate, templates, examples of evidences from clubs who have already met the standards, as well as other recommended resources have been provided for reference. Facilitators are also provided with tools and suggested timelines for effective working group facilitation.