The Club Excellence program is all about helping community sport organizations to meet a set of standards for sport delivery and sport management. The standards are divided into two main areas and six sub-sections to help clubs understand how they contribute to the overall design of an effective and efficient operation.

Download the Club Excellence standards in PDF format.

The benefits of meeting these standards are:

Sport Delivery

This section mainly deals with the activities related to offering quality sport experiences that are values-based and principle-driven, while preparing the operational environment to deal with challenges that occur. The Sport Delivery section has two areas of focus.

Program Delivery standards integrate the design and implementation of principles tied to the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model. Here the standards encourage clubs to put in place processes and policies that ensure quality experiences for all participants.

Coaching standards are focused on providing coaches with the necessary tools to better prepare for, initiate and execute the engagement of athletes, with an emphasis on safety and the designation of responsibilities.

Sport Management

This section mainly deals with organizational design, policies, management, and strengthening marketing opportunities. Organizations that have clear and consistent polices, stated values, and who are deliberate at making decisions that are in line with their mission and move them toward their vision will spend less time putting out fires, and more time attracting and retaining dedicated volunteers. These organizations are transparent about their financial management and put policies in place to ensure those responsible do not abuse their position. Sport Management focuses on four areas.

People Management standards encourage the development of policies and procedures for dealing with employees and volunteers. The standards describe the development of clear and consistent people management objectives in the areas of recruiting, retaining and recognizing staff and volunteers.

Governance standards are focused on stated values, and the policies and procedures related to good governance objectives. These objectives touch on the constitution of a transparent and unbiased board of directors, key policies, such as preventing harassment and abuse, and codes of ethics, with an understanding that stated and defined organizational values are important, but that an intentional use of these at all levels of program creation, delivery and governance is crucial.

Financial Accountability standards ensure that the club is transparent and open with its financial obligations and member revenues it is entrusted to manage. Simple strategies, such as published annual reports, financial reports and signing authorities are integrated into the standards.

Marketing, Recruitment and Revenue Generation standards look at the marketing tactics and responsibilities for the club. Clubs are always looking to attract new members, sponsors and funders. This section provides some simple steps to establish marketing programs.